Four creators join as one to in an ever-evolving quest for alternative rock greatness (or at least fun)!  Pretend I'm a Genius is:

Kelly Peak, bass and vocals. Kelly picked up bass later in life and vows to never put it down.  She intentionally writes songs based on books, movies, personal dramas and the occasionally interesting dream.

Mark Foley, drums and vocals.  Mark has been both a guitarist and a drummer in bands on both the east and west coasts. His songs and vocals might remind you of John Lennon and Roger Waters.

Justin Peers, guitar and vocals. Justin has a background in blues, country, and rock and roll and cut his teeth playing dive bars in Charleston, SC. This Carolina native is comfortable in boots or a suit, and works too much as maritime geologist. 

Ian Kirven, guitar and vocals. Ian is a Durham native, guitar player and experimenterin fact you might catch sight of him with a homemade instrument or two! You can't spell "I'm a Genius" without Ian!